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Friday, August 25, 2006
The Family Treasure 2First, some screenshots for buloght's latest project, The Family Treasure 2.

[buloght's past projects: Knightsquire, The Family Treasure, Sven Gordan Paranormal Parody, A Knight's Pursuit review]

Heartland Deluxe is currently in production, originally an OROW competition entry. [other OROW competition entries: Heartland, The Heist, Gunshot in Room 37, The Loathsome Man, Hallway of Adventures review]

The Family Treasure 2The Herculean Effort Productions web site has been finally updated with a new entry. The gang will work with Dave Gilbert of The Shivah fame to produce episodic Bestowers of Eternity adventures. The Apprentice III is still in early design stages. [The Shivah review]

Babarageo gets a big update, in the form of an english web site! All the instructions can now be understood. [Babarageo STG Banner, Great Kung Fu, Death Vader review]
Anonymous Anonymous said at 8/20/2006 07:52:00 AM:  
awesome, the family treasure looks great! hallway was also a great orow entry.