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Sunday, September 16, 2007
After a lengthy hiatus, the collaborative QBasic scene mag "QB Express" is back, and is now in the second issue of its new run. This issue features the results of the "Qlympics", a best-of-the-community event covering releases between the start of 2003 to mid 2006.

QB Express: Issue #24

Here's a run down of the issue, as posted on qbasicnews.com:

This issue features NINE tutorials, FIVE articles and the results of this year's Qlympics.

Read Lachie Dazdarian's review of Lodestar, RubyNL's tutorial on "Time Based Motion & Collision Detection", learn about Wireframes from Mentat, or discover what makes a game great, thanks to Joe King. We've also got comics, the Gallery and all the other QB Express mainstays you look forward to every month.

Click the button for more info, and a couple of highlights from the Qlympics!