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Tuesday, July 11, 2006
Shoot the CoreShoot the Core updated it's massive shmup database with 24 new entries.

Also, thanks again to Shih Tzu for translating Buster's latest post.

Buster writes, "Due to various circumstances, BUSTER's sale at the Daisou shops had to be cancelled. Instead, I'll be releasing two versions of the game, a 'Free' version and a 'Download' version. The price for the Download version hasn't been decided yet."

He also links to a friend's new shooting game; I think he's referring to Mole Reverse 2. (Mogura 2) - Shih Tzu

Perfect Run informs that Intercept and Mr. Blocko Super Tournament Edition will be made available for download soon. [Perfect Run, Mr. Blocko review]

J-Factor releases a new version for Soul Fighter. The trick is to shoot only when the enemy lowers it's shields. [New download link, Soul Fighter review]