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Friday, March 30, 2007
This forum thread is a constantly updated list of what users of the Game Maker engine have voted to be the best and most memorable Game Maker games ever made. Currently the top ones are:

Seiklus - tapeworm
Jumper (s) - YoMamasMama
Hover Tank 3D - FredFredrickson
Jetz Rampage (s) - Shawn64
Ark 22 - Srehpog

Soldexus - Pneophen
Hard Hat (s) - Damaged
The Jeluvian Project - Pondwater
Ore No Ryomi (s) - Mr.Chubigans
Battleships Forever - th15
Raging Skies - darthlupi
Anonymous Anonymous said at 3/31/2007 06:54:00 AM:  
bleh. Some good ones there but I generally dislike some of the most popular games on that forum, Jumper and Jetz get pretty old quickly. And Pug Fugly's games need to be more well known, he makes my favorite freeware shooters. And Cactus if ya prefer the more abstract shoot 'em ups.
Blogger miyamoto-SAN said at 3/31/2007 08:05:00 AM:  
Yeah, I don't agree with some of the choices either. No JPH/iterationgames games are on that list either, and I think they definitely should be.
Anonymous Anonymous said at 3/31/2007 04:58:00 PM:  
punishment is sadly not part of that list.
Anonymous Anonymous said at 4/01/2007 02:05:00 AM:  
Yeah, I love punishment too! And Kairuga is better than some of those as well.
Blogger CosMind said at 4/01/2007 11:00:00 AM:  
it seems that this post's text is a bit misleading. if you go to the actual gmc thread, it's a "favorites" - not a "best" - collection.

nobody's claiming that these games are the best. they're just stating which are their favorites.
Anonymous Anonymous said at 4/02/2007 01:41:00 AM:  
However, no one should dispute Seiklus being at the top of the list. :D