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Wednesday, May 02, 2007
The DizzyAGE Easter Competition 2007 has just ended, with all three entries now available for download.

There's one remake and two original adventures to please Dizzy fans yearning for platforming goodness from days of yore. [original Retro Remakes thread, Spud's Quest review]

The Games Page will release Hurdler 2 and Alien Gunner 2 sometime in September or October to commemorate the launch of their new web site. ShrooMan will be out in one month's time after this event.

KNPMASTER also declares that Hurdler 2 will be his best work ever and definitely worth the wait. [original forum thread]
Blogger CosMind said at 5/03/2007 08:35:00 PM:  
hitting the shmup dev contest link in this blog post lands me with a sad message that the site is tanking on june 1.

anyone know what the news is?

is the contest still game to kick off on june 1 even though the site is dropping off the face of the earth?