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Saturday, June 09, 2007
There's a small flash toy called Comic Dice added to Matt Hammill's Underwater Base site. Gesundheit was updated with minor changes as well.

Roll the hand-printed, hand-sewn dice to randomly generates a three-panel comic strip with a beginning, middle and end for a few minutes' worth of diversion.

Nifflas had confirmed that the chances of Knytt Stories released before the 30th of August is slim, though development would be wrapped up long before then.

Foppy is working on Race Challenge, a game featuring the sort of perspective seen in Pole Position and Out Run. [Flyout, Gridfire review]

A complete walkthrough for Joakim's Tripline was recently posted in the konjak.org forums.

The translation patch for the Narcissu Side 2nd should be out early next month.

Game.Dev Competition 15 announced. [forum thread]

JNKPlat 07 updated to version 0.2. Fullscreen mode added.

New screenshots from Tormishire posted.

Vince Twelve's next game titled.