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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

x.x's untitled projectSeveral new screenshots of x.x's next vertical shooter (pictured right) were recently posted in his development journal. [Blue Wish Resurrection, web site]

A trial version for Gundemonium Recollection is available from the bottom of this page. [download mirror]


Plasma Pong was featured in the Washington Post. As mentioned near the end of the article, a multi-player version is in the works.

Screenshots from Blackwell Unbound (including a preview) can be found over at the Wadjet Eye Games' site.

New screenshots from PEKPOK's Penrock (Pengo remake) posted. [Push Push Penguin download page]

Read about Oddbob's thoughts on the entire 'Are Games Art' subject here.

Metablog updated.


Games: Bolt Brain Teasers, Pictogames, Space Trader, Zenix3D
Contests: The Atari 2600 Retro Challenge, Ricochet Infinity competition by Binary Joy
Anonymous Anonymous said at 8/02/2007 09:54:00 PM:  
Just a note, I sometimes find it hard to associate a screenshot you've posted with a game.

Typically it seems that when you review multiple games in one post, you'll have one or two screenshots per post, and then link to more than a few games. The image name doesn't allude to the game at all either, it's usually just a random series of letters and numbers.

Just letting you know of a little something that's been bothering me this long while I've been browsing Independent Gaming.
Blogger Tim said at 8/02/2007 10:07:00 PM:  
Suggestions for a solution?
Anonymous Anonymous said at 8/02/2007 10:34:00 PM:  
Well, I just looked through a lot of previous posts, and most of the time there are references to the picture in the little snippets you write about the games.

I'm just used to the filename being associated with the game in question. If I'm the only one that's brought this up, it's probably not that big of a deal, and I just need to pay more attention.
Blogger Tim said at 8/02/2007 10:47:00 PM:  
I've added the word pic to this post, and will use the same convention for future news articles as well.

Let me know if this doesn't help. I write about indie games all the time, so at times I still need to be reminded that other readers may find the lack of explanation an inconvenience. :)
Anonymous Anonymous said at 8/02/2007 11:31:00 PM:  
Tatan looks awesome, anyone found a way to download it yet?
Anonymous Anonymous said at 8/03/2007 01:16:00 AM:  
[i]>I'm just used to the filename being associated with the game in question. If I'm the only one that's brought this up, it's probably not that big of a deal, and I just need to pay more attention.[/i]

It's not just you - it's annoyed the hell out of me too.

It would've been nice with the title of a game written above or below a picture. Failing that, to have the screenshots named after the games reviewed.

But a few good examples of how it's usually been - the filename of the Tatan picture is 'screenshot.jpg' and the names of the two pictures above are 'ss.jpg' and 'ss2.jpg'. Just not very helpful.

When this is said though, the point has been raised Tim is doing something about it (thanks) - the previews are now split up with the text '(pictured below)' in each, which solves those problems.
Much better. :)
Anonymous Anonymous said at 8/03/2007 07:16:00 AM:  
Tatan seems to be fixed, it downloaded for me....

Also, can anyone mirror Gundemonium? I think Murasame has blocked US servers, I can't access any of their pages.....
Blogger Tim said at 8/03/2007 11:51:00 PM:  
Gundemonium Recollection mirrored, Mr. Postman - as per your request. :D
Anonymous Anonymous said at 8/04/2007 06:24:00 PM:  
Thank you very much Tim, I wish Murasame would let more people on their server, so many are missing out on their great games....