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Tuesday, July 31, 2007
GameTunnel's July Monthly Round-Up was recently posted. Greg Costikyan (of Manifesto Games) and Derek Yu (of Bit-Blot and TIGSource) are guest reviewers.

Immortal Defense RPGCreations 9, 10, 8 [27/30] GA, GM, EC
Urban Legend ELENS 6, 8, 9 [23/30] SA
Prof. Fizzwizzle 2 Grubby Games 7, 7, 8 [22/30] SA
Kudos: Rock Legend
Positech 5, 8, 8 [21/30] SA
Pathstorm CaveBug Games 4, 7, 7 [18/30]
Membrane Massacre * HopeDagger 3, 6, 8 [17/30]
Alice Greenfingers Arcade Lab 4, 2, 8 [14/30]
Meanwhile * Peter Brinson 4, 5, 5 [14/30]
Turret Wars Sector 3 Games 2, 5, 4 [11/30]
Lunar Domination Valen Games 3, 3, 5 [11/30]

* - Freeware
N - Not Rated
GM - Game of the Month
EC - 27 and above (Editor's Choice)
GA - 24 and above (Gold Award)
SA - 21 and above (Silver Award)
Anonymous Anonymous said at 7/31/2007 10:26:00 PM:  
So much better with Derek's brand of honesty in there.
Anonymous Anonymous said at 8/01/2007 01:13:00 AM:  
Can't believe membrane massacre scored so low, and a tower defense game is on top...
Anonymous Xander said at 8/01/2007 01:26:00 AM:  
Did it just get awesome it here?

Loving the layout! And yeah, nice to see Derek laying down some kickassness,espeically since it definitely does benefit to the round-up. The differing opinions on some games such as Mebrane Massacre are pushing me into trying the games out for myself to see where I lay in the grand scheme of things. T'was a good one.
Blogger Derek said at 8/01/2007 02:04:00 AM:  
Tim, the new site looks awesome.

And Xander, I'd love to hear where you fall on some of these games. :)
Blogger haowan said at 8/01/2007 02:29:00 AM:  
Well done Paul, a deservedly excellent set of reviews and scores there.

This, shamefully, is one of the only GT roundups I've actually been motivated to read all the way through, and it was a good read. Great job The Illustrious Panel :)
Blogger Paul Eres said at 8/01/2007 02:47:00 AM:  
Thanks haowan, though I can't take credit for the best part of the game (the story), which was mostly the writer's doing.

Also, re: "Can't believe membrane massacre scored so low, and a tower defense game is on top..." -- try not to think of games as genres. Any genre can have good or bad games, there's nothing inherently bad with any genre, even Match-3 had a few good games (like Yoshi's Cookie IMO).