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Friday, September 28, 2007

Short movie of AblationX by Nenad.

[Source: Retro Remakes]
Anonymous Anonymous said at 9/28/2007 04:15:00 PM:  
That's a pretty nifty idea, of using the "title screen" as the first level/boss.
Anonymous Anonymous said at 9/28/2007 04:28:00 PM:  
Wow - for an introductory level, that looks insanely difficult...
Anonymous Anonymous said at 9/28/2007 05:39:00 PM:  
The visuals look pretty awesome so far. Diggin.
Anonymous Anonymous said at 9/28/2007 06:26:00 PM:  
Stylish :D
The original concept was nice and played well, and the new high-res graphics only add to that!
Blogger Madgarden said at 9/28/2007 07:59:00 PM:  
Wow, NICE! Pretty vectors...
Blogger Lim-Dul said at 9/28/2007 08:50:00 PM:  
I'm more stunned by the fact that I'm seeing embedded flash on this site than by the video itself.
Way to go. =)

P.S. OK, the game looks nice too.
Anonymous Anonymous said at 9/28/2007 11:00:00 PM:  
Out goes the sleek black and white pixel look, and in comes a lovely smooth flash-look. I like!

Also, is that some Clean Asia-like scrap collecting I spot there? Nice!
Anonymous Anonymous said at 9/29/2007 02:06:00 AM:  
will it have fancy guitar sounds ?!
i hope not... ;)
Blogger nenad said at 9/29/2007 03:15:00 AM:  
This is not an actual level that'll be in the game. I built it as a sort of a joke/teaser showing off the game concept. For that reason everything is cranked up a bit. As terry noticed, It's utterly hard and if you look closely I get hit all the time as I play :)

I had the idea for logo boss right from the start of the development. Since game's visuals consist mostly of flat, hard vector shapes, the "typographic" enemy kind of came out naturally.

The "scrap collecting" is actually one of the secondary weapons - codenamed "bullet thief". All the white parts on enemies represent their reserve of bullets. With "bullet thief" you can sneak up on them and suck the ammo out. Bullets then stick to your ship (think tumiki fighters or katamari) until you decide to fire them back at enemies in form of directed or radial blast.
Blogger nenad said at 9/29/2007 03:20:00 AM:  
Oh,and no, no guitars here :D