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Sunday, October 29, 2006
Warning: May contain potentially provocative or offensive material.

Tomoyo Fighter is a doujin Final Fight clone by Chinchilla Softhouse, developer of PreCure-ACT. There are some questionable themes in it, for example an entire level featuring otaku bashing action and a special appearance by none other than Mr. Razor Ramon HG himself (who is actually straight).

The story begins with your brother abducted right out of his wheelchair, so like any other caring sister the protagonist embarks on a rescue mission and perhaps beat some sense into the kidnappers along the way. Features standard fight moves, multiple endings and eight stages in total.

Official site carries screenshots but no demo yet, and it's release date was pencilled as a few days away for several weeks now. The 20MB trailer is available to watch though. All links on the page leads to the same file.
Blogger Unknown said at 12/09/2007 05:51:00 PM:  
Was this game released? I WANT TO PLAY IT!!!!!