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Wednesday, March 22, 2006
Steam Brigade updated to version 1.0.2.

Mexican Motor Mafia reached 100,000 downloads.

The White Chamber soundtrack now available for download.

Expect a new release from Bernie in a few week's time.

Dink Smallwood updated to version 1.08.

Tiny Mantis is working on a card game.

Indiana Jones and the Fountain of Youth demo to be released soon.

Liberation Games' Kingdom Elemental will be published by Chronic Logic. [Aquatic Sun review]

Ocean Express from Hipsoft looks to be the sequel to Puzzle Express.

Grid Assault updated to version 0.61.
[Grid Assault review]
Anonymous Anonymous said at 3/17/2006 12:01:00 AM:  
Damn, I wish there was an FoY demo... when was that demo first announced? September 1st 2003? Oh, and I've got a feeling that 5 new Pixel screenshots thing is just him rearraging the site so you can navigate the entries according to the month in which they were written... try clicking them.
Blogger Tim said at 3/17/2006 04:21:00 AM:  
thanks for the info! I was in a bit of rush with the news.

what was I thinking... no excuses though! :)
Anonymous Anonymous said at 3/17/2006 03:24:00 PM:  
I wish there were 5 new screenshots... and nice work finding out Bernie's working on a new game.
Blogger Tim said at 3/17/2006 08:37:00 PM:  
Well, I read that Bernie was working on several projects. One of them was Hero Theorem, and the other was a platformer.

But we'll see... :)