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Friday, March 10, 2006
In Tino's Fruit Stand, you guide a monkey named Rikki on a job to gather fresh fruits for the fruit stand's customers. Grab the correct fruits to match a customer's order, but watch out for crates that hinder your movement and fruits that go rotten if left for too long. Either click on an adjacent square or press an arrow key to move your helper around.

A fruit that does not match a customer's requirements will be placed in the sack and offered to the next customer. There are a few power-ups to collect, such as those that increases a customer's patience or Rikki's sack size. You can use ropes to transport yourself from one end of the playing area to the other.

Name: Tino's Fruit Stand
Developer: Chasing Dogs Studios
Category: Puzzle
Type: Demo
Size: 15MB