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Monday, October 30, 2006
buloght will be working on a platformer next, right after releasing The Family Treasure 2.

buloght, helm and big brother's pixel galleries can be accessed by clicking on their names.

Ether Vapor updated to version 1.06b. [Ether Vapor review]

XWars version 0.36 released. [Geometry Wars clones article, XWars review]

There's a new DHTML game by Brent Silby entitled Snapple. [Flatland, Swarm, Dark Age, Replicator review]

For Game Developers:

Here are some nice fonts to use in your games. (Thanks to Devlin.)

If you're into Visual Basic programming, then the Students of Game Design web site will be extremely helpful. (Thanks to Kryten!)

Buster's site updated with new info. The new game will be released before January 2007. [Vacant Ark review]

Operation Wolf is being remade with... LEGO blocks? Operation Block is still in early development stages, but looks very promising.

Babarageo is working on a new vertical shooter. Currently playable using either the keyboard or mouse.