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Wednesday, August 01, 2007
Covert Front is a short puzzle-based adventure game made in flash. It uses the typical point and click mechanic to find obscure items and use them, and is set in an old house. The game ends on a cliffhanger, with a to be continued, so I assume it'll eventually be completed. A fun way to spend half an hour or so.

Name: Covert Front
Developer: Pastel Games
Category: Adventure
Type: Browser Game

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Anonymous Anonymous said at 8/01/2007 03:37:00 PM:  
I played this the other day; well above average for the genre :)
Anonymous Anonymous said at 8/02/2007 04:13:00 PM:  
If you liked this one, he's done a lot more, and they are all online. Check out the "Submachine" series. He's done 4 of them. Recently he released a really hard one called "Daymare Town".