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Sunday, October 14, 2007
The Gamer's Quarter

IFComp 2007: Emily Short reviews a number of her favorite IFComp entries submitted this year. [source: dessgeega]

Portal: The next issue of TGQ will feature an article about Narbacular Drop, written by one of the developers who worked on Valve's Portal.


The Subconscious: Podvedomim is a small interactive work by the guys from Amanita Design and Huberokororo.

The Quiet Night: GamePure has released a new Puzznic-type puzzler named The Quiet Night. Ten stages only. [Flashxed, RetroDev remake]


3Punge: Entries from the latest 3Punge (Three Minute Game) competition are now available for download, though most of the games require the installation of RPGMaker runtime package to work. Click on the first button to download all games in one zip file.

Indie Games Showcase: Winners of ECD's Independent Game Development Contest announced.


Iwanaga: A new windowed mode version for Iwanaga was added to Buster's download page.

Dicewars DS: Version 0.4.0 is now available. This is a Nintendo DS port of GameDesign's popular dice strategy game.


Virtanen: An untitled topdown shooter was recently added to Virtanen's upcoming projects page. [Kaipuu]

The Games Page: A few screenshots from TGP's next game can be found in Total Klik's Click Copter preview.

Klei Entertainment: Apparently the guys from Klei Entertainment are working on a new project.


Penrock: PEKPOK's Pengo remake has a new screenshots page. No downloads yet. [Push Push Penguin download page]

Super Mogura Tennis: The information page for Krobon Station's upcoming Super Mogura Tennis is up. A demo will be posted soon.


Nifflas: The author of Knytt Stories recently partipated in a small competition with a short game.

OokiBloks: According to Matt Verran, the web site for OokiBloks should be ready by next week.
Blogger Gr.Viper said at 10/15/2007 08:24:00 AM:  
Portal: The Flash Version

Same stuff as Valve's Portal or earlier Narbacular Drop, only in 2D. Mighty 40 levels... Starts quite simple but that's only for the first 10 rooms.