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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Space Capstar II is a new Flash game by NIGORO, in which players are asked to don the suit of an astronaut named Randy as he attempts to navigate treacherous mines and caverns while trying to acquire rare minerals for high rewards.

Hold the left mouse button and your ship will traverse towards the spot indicated by your cursor. Collision with objects or laser beams will cause the ship to lose fuel, but your supplies can be replenished by collecting blue kryptons. Land carefully next to one to grab them automatically.

To complete the last part of each mission, simply position your craft next to the mother ship as indicated by the silhouette. It is possible to destroy craters and lasers using your ship's thrusters.

Each room has it's own gravity pull, often indicated on the top left of the screen. Increase game speed by tweaking the quality setting option at the bottom right. Additional levels can be found when playing the game in higher difficulty settings.

Name: Space Capstar II
Developer: Nigoro
Category: Arcade
Type: Browser