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Saturday, February 11, 2006
I had at first dismissed Phlinx To Go as as a poor Puzzle Bobble clone because of how small the gems are. After a few rounds did I realize that it's actually pretty good and there is a reason as to why the developers chose to decrease the gem size.

Action mode's gameplay resembles Taito's classic the most, in which the player have to destroy all gems in each stage to progress. In classic mode however, the player is sent on a quest to recover golden glyphs. These glyphs only appear when enough colored gems have been collected, indicated by a vertical bar and it's knob on the left side of the screen.

To collect gems, a player simply needs to break the gems holding them up and let them drop onto a funnel located at the bottom of the screen. Incredibly, this piece of vital information was not properly illustrated by the developers. A player could be left destroying gems for a long time which is not the classic mode's main objective.

Bouncing gems off walls is a skill that needs to be learnt to collect gems effectively. Clicking the right mouse button will cause your launcher to change positions and get a better shot angle although this option is disabled when the golden glyph appears. A gem saver on the right can be used to store gems for later use just by shooting one into it.

If you're yearning for a good Puzzle Bobble clone, this is worth a try. If you had enough gem matching action to last a lifetime, Phlinx To Go will not do much to sway your opinion.

Name: Phlinx To Go
Developer: Electronic Arts Inc.
Category: Puzzle
Type: Demo
Size: 12MB