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Wednesday, March 08, 2006
Thwart Poker is a surprisingly low-key gem from Mind Control Software, developer of the excellent Oasis. A poker game much like TellTale Texas Hold'em, the character you select will travel around the world and pit their bluffing skills against a myriad of opponents.

The title derives it's name from the method in which cards are selected. All fifty-two cards are laid out at the bottom of the screen and no cards are ever dealt, only selected by the poker players. Basically the first player to pick a card gets to keep it. Other players choosing the same card subsequently will only receive a card with no value.

There are two versions of ThwartPoker. In Six Card Battle, cards are picked in turn and players have to build the best five-card hand to beat their opponents. You only get to pick four cards in Hold'em Blitz but share three other community cards with your opponents.

This variation of poker is patented by Thwartpoker Inc.

Name: Thwart Poker
Developer: Mind Control Software
Category: Strategy
Type: Demo
Size: 10MB
Anonymous Anonymous said at 2/27/2006 01:53:00 PM:  
Oh good god, now companies are patenting variants of a centuries old card game? That's pathetic!

Can you imagine if the folk who invented Texas Hold'Em had done that? This company wouldn't even HAVE a bloody poker game, because nobody would give a crap about poker.

Vile business practice.
Anonymous Anonymous said at 2/27/2006 02:37:00 PM:  
agreed, vile business practice... but is this even actionable. You can't patent game mechanics, only implementations.
Blogger Unknown said at 7/23/2007 01:54:00 PM:  
If you look at the company Thwart poker you will see that they are the ones who patented the variation and they paided Mind control software to make a version of their game.