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Sunday, August 27, 2006
Shoot the CoreShoot the Core database updated with fifteen new entries.

x.x releases a new shmup entitled Blue Wish Resurrection. [Eden's Edge, Blue Wish, Green Wind review]

A 70MB demo for The Exchange Student is now available.

Game pages for Airdoo and The Cleaner added to darthlupi's web site. [Airdoo review]

Some new games added to Alawar's list of projects in development.

GameTunnel's August Round-Up is now available.

King's Quest III remakeThe voice pack for King's Quest III remake is out.

Cassette 50 updated with one new addition.

A demo for the first episode of Space Renegades is now available from the United Minds Games web site.

Raidien Phaec is the title of Hermitgames' next project. They just need to finish it after releasing Fren-ze.

HackIT released, an IGF competition entry from last year. Download link can be found here.